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Hello all! My name is Kamari. Y’all can find me at our San Mateo location. I have been shopping as a patient of GrassRoots for little over 3 years and I have been grateful to call myself a team member of GrassRoots going on 2 great years. My preferred way of consuming cannabis is good old fashion smoking, you can find me smoking one of my favorite strains; Blueberry Gum, a delightful terpene dominant hybrid. Slide through, we look forward to serving y’all.

Hi, my name is Becky. I work at both the San Mateo and Coors locations. I have been a team member of Grassroots for about a year and a half starting at our Grants location. I have been a patient of Grassroots for four years. Grassroots saved my life, I was recovering from a drug addiction and the Grassroots team cared about my needs and helped me find a beautiful combination of medicine and encouraging words to help kick my addiction. Medical Marijuana saved my life!!! I use a combination of our wonderful edibles (chocolates, gummies, hard candies, lemonade and suckers) my favorite right now is the gummies. Along with the edibles I also medicate by smoking. I prefer indicia flower and Hash Passion is my favorite. Come by and see me!

My name is Rhonda. I am a budtender at the Coors location in Albuquerque. I been with the Grassroots team for two years and a medical patient for three years. My favorite way to medicate is the lemonade, I love mixing it with tea and making an Arnold Palmer with a kick! And also smoking, my favorite strain is sativa diva, I get energy, focused and creative. It is my number one sativa. My favorite indica is granddaddy purple, it so relaxing and perfect for a great nite sleep. I enjoy talking, working and learning about cannabis. Hope to see you soon!!

My name is Vincente. I work at the Coors location as a budtender. Ive been with the Grassroots team for five months and a medical patient for one year. My favorite way to medicate is smoking flower. Granddaddy purple and sugar black rose are my go to indicas and 707 headband for sativa. They are my favorite strains. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon!

Hello! My name is Alexis, I’ve been with Grass Roots Rx since we’ve opened up our San Mateo location back in 2018. I’ve been lucky enough to be apart of this growing journey- we have definitely come along way in just a few short years! My team and I take pride in our product along with helping every patient and ensuring they leave happy and satisfied.

I would have to say my favorite way to medicate would be by flower, more specifically pre-rolls. I like the accessibility and convenience of a pre-roll. For me personally, I prefer more of a sativa or sativa-hybrid. Super Lemon Haze is one of my go-to strains for just a giggly, uplifting mood. You can’t go wrong with our tasty edibles either! Our hard candies are one of my top edibles that we have.

Don’t forget to stop by your local Grass Roots Rx shop! We look forward to meeting and serving our future patients that come in to our store!

My name is Salvador, I go by Sal. I’ve been a proud member of the GRRX team for a little over half a year now. I do enjoy flower. The lovely aroma and unique scents are something that, in my opinion, cannot be mimicked. I hope to see y’all soon!

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