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Our Team

Since 2007, GrassRoots RX, Corporation have been a leader in producing new strains of  marijuana and cannabinoid extracts for their patients. They have worked with physicians to lessen intractable pain and other symptoms including cancer, fibromyalgia, severe arthritis, glaucoma, aids/HIV, and accompanying pain while decreasing the use of pain medications. GrassRoots RX, Corporation, is devoted to providing a line of alternative medical products that give patients a better quality of life.

Blackie Roundtree, the founder of GrassRoots RX, has been working in the marijuana industry for over 30 years. Blackie is a developer of new marijuana strains, oils, and other cannabinoid products to help our patients. Over the years, his studies have evolved from research of cannabinoid medicine to the human endocannabinoid system, and he is a sought after lecturer in the medical marijuana field. His knowledge of cannabis, its properties, and how it can help patients with chronic pain management and various ailments has made him a leader in the medical marijuana industry.

Marc Katz, co-owner, feels it a privilege and honor to be part of this endeavor.  He joined as a result at seeing first hand the true healing power of medical cannabis,  Having loved ones who are injured and having a debilitating back injury himself, Cannabis allows them not to just survive but flourish in life pain free and with clarity of thought.  His goal is to tell the world of this nature’s miracle to actually heal our bodies and not just mask the pain,. He is completely free now of unnatural and harmful Pharma pain killers and is proof positive that cannabis heals and helps give him the ability to enjoy life.

Erik Garcia, co-owner, was born and raised in Grants.  He worked at the Lee Ranch EL Segundo coal mines for 10+ years. He started out his new venture as a business owner of Maverik’s Property Management 2 years ago. When he purchased the old Lears Nursery Property, he came upon a opportunity to be a part of the cannabis community. In his part he used his newly renovated indoor grow to start bringing cannabis and education into our small community. As a small business owner Erik is an advocate in helping out the community as much as he can and is proud to be a part of this venture.

Sherri Vallejos, office administrator, started working for GRRX as a family business over a year ago.  She began taking CBD products a year ago and has been able to live a happier healthier life and reduce her other prescriptions medications significantly.  She has been a NM Cannabis patient for the last six months and is intent on learning more about medical cannabis.

Trista Mace, Compliance, another Grants local,  is new to the cannabis industry but is excited to see the benefits it provides to the small community. While she enjoys putting her health and safety background to use, she loves seeing patients and hearing about their journey.

Dillon Roundtree, asst. grower, is Blackie Rountree’s son has grown up in the cannabis business.  He is passionate about growing the healthiest and happiest plants possible.

Carl Marquez, a Grants local, has been building our facilities since Day 1. He loves seeing familiar faces in the dispensary almost as much as he likes harvest days!

David O’Niell, has been a medical patient since 2010. He has been treating chronic pain and peripheral neuropathy, as well as other ailments with cannabis after dealing with adverse effects of prescription medications. Besides being a patient, he is also a member of NORML. After retiring from a career in aviation and law enforcement David has become a board member for the LNPP. He also works as a Budtender at our San Mateo location.

Michael Batsford, Budtender at our San Mateo location, is originally from Upstate NY. He has spent most of his life as a telecommunications contractor. Michael has been a patient since 2016. He uses cannabis to help alleviate symptoms from PTSD. Michael has decided to enter this industry in order to help people realize the healing potential from cannabis.