It is LEGAL to possess cannabis in New Mexico but sales have not started yet | Sales expected to begin on 4/1/2022
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Cannabis flower or “bud” is the smokeable portion of the plant. At Grass Roots Rx, our plants are lovingly grown in a small town just outside of Albuquerque. They are dried, harvested, cured, and pre-packaged for quality and convenience. As the only organic grower in NM, we don’t necessarily include the highest potency, but there’s no worry over chemically induced THC. We prefer the safety, purity, and advantages of an all-natural approach to healing and wellness.

Pre-packaged Cannabis Flower in Albuquerque

The potency of the flower is indicated as a percentage that provides the proportion of milligrams of cannabinoids per gram of cannabis flower. Shop our four locations for options such as 24K Gold, 707 Headband, Acapulco Gold, Amnesia, Black Mamba, Grand Daddy Purple, and more. We accommodate every liking and requirement with sativas, indicas, and hybrids, each with unique characteristics, effects, and distinct benefits.

Buy your pre-packaged cannabis from Grass Roots Rx throughout Albuquerque, Gallup, and Grants, NM!

Consult with the knowledgeable budtenders from Grass Roots Rx for more information about our pre-packed flower and the various options for smoking. Each person’s tolerance level is different, with the onset of full effects typically realized in thirty minutes. We take a personalized approach, striving to educate, inform, and provide a user-friendly experience. At Grass Roots Rx, we are proud to share premier cannabis products with valued customers across Albuquerque, Gallup, and Grants, NM.

PrePackaged Flower Drug Information in Albuquerque, NM | Dispensary PrePackaged Flowers

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24k Gold-1gm PrePkg

24K Gold-2gm PrePkg

24K Gold-3gm PrePkg

707 Headband-1gm Popcorn

707 Headband-1gm PrePkg

707 Headband-2gm PrePkg

707 Headband-3gm PrePkg

707 Headband-7gm PrePkg

707 Headband-14gm PrePkg

707 Headband-28gm PrePkg

1024-1gm PrePkg

Acapulco Gold-1gm PrePkg

Acapulco Gold-2gm PrePkg

Acapulco Gold-3gm PrePkg

Amnesia-1gm PrePkg

Amnesia-2gm PrePkg

Amnesia-3gm PrePkg

Amnesia-28gm PrePkg

Black Mamba-1gm PrePkg

Black mamba-2gm Popcorn

Black mamba-2gm PrePkg

Black mamba-3gm PrePkg

Black mamba-7gm PrePkg

Black mamba-14gm PrePkg

Blueberry Gum-1gm PrePkg

Blueberry Gum-2gm PrePkg

Blueberry Gum-3gm PrePkg

Cherry Bomb-1gm Popcorn

Cherry Bomb-1gm PrePkg

Cherry Bomb-2gm Popcorn

Cherry Bomb-2gm PrePkg

G13-1gm PrePkg

G13-2gm PrePkg

G13-3gm PrePkg

Gila Kush-1gm PrePkg

Gila Kush-2gm Popcorn

Gila Kush-2gm PrePkg

Gila Kush-3gm PrePkg

Grand Daddy Purple-1gm Popcorn

Grand Daddy Purple-1gm PrePkg

Grand Daddy Purple-2gm Popborn

Grand Daddy Purple-2gm PrePkg

Grand Daddy Purple-3gm Popcorn

Grassroots Blend Shake-7gm

Grassroots Blend-28gm

Grand Daddy Purple-3gm PrePkg

Hash Passion-1gm Popcorn

Hash Passion-1gm PrePkg

Hash Passion-2gm Popcorn

Hash Passion-2gm PrePkg

Hash Passion-3gm Popcorn

Hash Passion-3gm PrePkg

K SHARK-1gm Popcorn

K SHARK-1gm PrePkg

K SHARK-2gm Popcorn

K SHARK-2gm PrePkg

K SHARK-3gm PrePkg

King Pin-1gm PrePkg

King Pin-2gm PrePkg

King Pin-3gm PrePkg

Kushy Kush-1gm Popcorn

Kushy Kush-1gm PrePkg

Kushy Kush-2gm PrePkg

Kushy Kush-3gm Popcorn

Kushy Kush-3gm PrePkg

Kushy Kush-5gm PrePkg

Obi Wan-1gm Popcorn

Obi Wan-1gm PrePkg

Obi Wan-2gm PrePkg

Obi Wan-3gm PrePkg

Obi Wan-5gm PrePkg

Obi Wan-28gm PrePkg

Purple Haze-1gm Popcorn

Purple Haze-1gm PrePkg

Purple Haze-2gm Popcorn

Purple Haze-2gm PrePkg

Purple Haze-3gm PrePkg

Purple Haze-14m PrePkg

Sativa Diva-1gm PrePkg

Sativa Diva-2gm Popcorn

Sativa Diva-2gm PrePkg

Sativa Diva-3gm PrePkg

Shady Lady-1gm Popcorn

Shady Lady-3gm Popcorn

Super Lemon Haze-1gm PrePkg

Super Lemon Haze-2gm PrePkg

Super Lemon Haze-3gm PrePkg

Super Lemon Haze-5gm PrePkg

Sweet God-1gm PrePkg

Sweet God-2gm PrePkg

Sweet God-3gm PrePkg

White Fire OG-1gm PrePkg

White Fire OG-2gm PrePkg

White Fire OG-3gm PrePkg

White Widow-1gm Popcorn

White Widow-1gm PrePkg

White Widow-2gm PrePkg

White Widow-3gm Popcorn

White Widow-3gm PrePkg

Dispensary PrePackaged FlowersPrePackaged Flower Drug InformationPrePackaged Flower Cannabis Products ∴ Albuquerque, NM

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PrePackaged Flower Drug Information, PrePackaged Flower Cannabis Products & Dispensary PrePackaged Flowers Albuquerque, NM & Albuquerque, NM

Dispensary PrePackaged FlowersPrePackaged Flower Drug InformationPrePackaged Flower Cannabis Products ∴ Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, NM

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