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Grass Roots Rx invites you to experience the difference between our supportive staff, welcoming environment and quality cannabis. Our success is founded on our treatment of our customers. We not only set ourselves apart as the only organic grower in the state, our new patient programs, educational opportunities and continued advancement of product strength and healing properties are incompatible.

Cannabis In-store Pickup in Albuquerque, NM & Surrounding Areas

Here at Grass Roots Rx, we are determined to make health, wellness and beneficial treatment affordable and accessible. We believe you should be able to medicate with ease. While we always look forward to meeting you in person and assisting you in every way possible, we know your busy schedule might require a more streamlined process. For that reason, we offer in-store pickup.

Navigate online or reach out to us at 505-287-9717. Our four locations include two medical cannabis dispensaries in Albuquerque, one in Grants and one in Gallup.  We’ve made our website user-friendly and offer a broad array of exception pre-rolls, prepackaged flower, topicals, vapes, concentrates and more. Recently approved as an edible bakery, our selection of tasty edibles is unmatched for taste and freshness.

Trust in Grass Roots Rx for convenient in-store pickup of cannabis products!

Don’t hesitate to contact us for explanations of products, requests for customized taste, formulations and strength of edibles and questions you might have. Let us know if you need any assistance making your purchases. At Grass Roots Rx, we take those extra steps to provide the best possible service and experience for our friends and neighbors throughout Albuquerque, Gallup, and Grants, NM.

Cannabis Dispensary In-Store Pickup in Gallup, NM | Marijuana In-Store Pickup

Dispensary PickupCannabis Dispensary In-Store PickupPot In-Store PickupMarijuana In-Store Pickup ∴ Gallup, NM

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Cannabis Dispensary In-Store Pickup, Marijuana In-Store Pickup & Pot In-Store Pickup Albuquerque, NM & Gallup, NM

Marijuana In-Store PickupCannabis Dispensary In-Store PickupDispensary PickupPot In-Store Pickup ∴ Gallup, NM

Gallup, NM

Albuquerque, NM