Growing tips for PPL patients

Tips for Growing Cannabis in a Tiny Space

For those who don’t have big properties or extra space, don’t worry: You don’t need a huge space to grow cannabis. Cannabis is an eager plant that will grow nearly anywhere given the right light and nutrients, making a grow room of any size feasible. Growing in a tiny space has benefits too, allowing you […]

What Are Terpenes?

What Are Terpenes? A Cannabis Enthusiast’s Guide To Understanding Terpenes Here’s The Deal: One of the most fun aspects of being a cannabis consumer or patient is the ability to smell the array of fragrances that the plant’s flowers produce. With scents ranging from fruity aromas to cheese-like smells, the cannabis plant can require the […]

How to Properly Dry and Cure Cannabis Buds

DRYING CANNABIS Properly grown, dried and cured flowers burn smoothly and taste flavorful. The smell and flavor come from the terpenes and flavonoids in the buds. Terpenes also contribute to the strain’s specific effects. For buds to be proud of, think “low and slow.” Drying and curing flowers takes time and patience, but the finished […]

Don’t Make These 7 Flowering Stage Goofs

During the flowering stage, your marijuana is focusing completely on making buds during the flowering stage. During this stage, plants often need a little extra TLC as they are not putting as much effort into keeping themselves healthy. Unfortunately, this happens to be the exact time that most beginning indoor growers tend to get comfortable and […]

How to Use CO2 to Increase Cannabis Yields

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a gas that fills our atmosphere, and it’s essential for plants to complete the process of photosynthesis wherein plants convert CO2 into energy. High levels of CO2 in a cannabis garden can result in stronger plants with increased yields – if introduced correctly. So how do you control and add CO2 […]

When Are Marijuana Buds Ready to Harvest?

When to Harvest Cannabis (for highest potency) When should we harvest the buds from a cannabis plant? That is the eternal question… I’m sure the answer we’re all thinking is “Not soon enough!” (How far are your plants in the flowering stage? Check out the flowering stage timeline!) Unfortunately for us impatient growers, harvesting at the right time […]

46 Tips for Better Cultivation

As the cannabis industry grows up, the base of knowledge shared among large-scale cultivators is growing up, too. Cannabis Business Times interviewed a group of well-known industry players and frequent CBT contributors about their best practices, covering everything from lighting to custom fertilizing to specialized grow techniques, and design innovations, such as rolling aisles and vertical grows. […]

Complete Guide to Cannabis Plant Training

How to Train Indoor Plants for Bigger Yields Are you interesting in increasing your yields when growing indoors? If so, you’re in the right place! Plant training is one of the easiest ways to increase your cannabis yields without having to upgrade your light or setup. It can be used to increase your yields up to […]

The 21 Best Grow room Tips and Tricks from Pros

The High Times Cultivation Department reached out to some of the cannabis world’s biggest names for their expert advice on how to succeed in growing great weed. Learn weed-growing words from the wise from professional and successful cannabis farmers. Light Supplements One of the best uses of power when growing indoors is employing fluorescent bulbs […]

Grow Light Breakdown: Heat, Cost & Yields

For the many growers who are unable to cultivate cannabis outside in the free abundant sunshine, grow lights are necessary to successfully grow cannabis indoors. Grow lights take the place of the sun, and power the growth of your plants and their buds. Light is like “food” for your plants, so without a lot of bright light, even a healthy […]